"lets have him do the same exact pose, but half-ass it"

Metal just doesn’t give a damn.


I should let everybody know that I’ve become a tad bit too busy to maintain a lot of my tumblr pages. I’ll keep this up (and post some stuff when Sonic Boom comes out), but in the meantime I won’t be checking this blog very often.

I will no longer be RPing on tumblr in the meantime, either. I just simply do not have the time or interest anymore.

If anyone wants to, they may submit anything they find. I will most likely not be getting any of the Sonic Boom games due to financial troubles, and with the extra jobs, where I’m either working a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd shift, it’s become increasingly difficult to keep up with much of anything. Due to this, I have decided to put my focus on more personal things, as well as my last year at College.

Sorry, but it’s just the way things have worked out. Thank you to everyone for this past year on tumblr; thought the end’s become a bit stressful, I’m still really glad I took a jump and made this page.

If anyone needs to contact me, they may message me here, or on my personal tumblr (which will get checked a bit more often).


Super Sonic, Shadow, and Silver - 3D view here

SonicTails KnucklesAmyShadowSilverRougeBigBlaze, CreamDr. Eggman, Metal Sonic

Nintendo/Smash Bros Characters

Well, these were fun to do :)

Will be resume modeling the Smash Bros cast next week, starting with redoing a few models since there is a few I like from E3. Stay tooned :)

Software used ~Maya, Photoshop, After Effects~
Commissions starting at $15 ! More info

have an ms paint drawing

((This drawing is beautiful, thanks!!))


where is your mind?

((Please send all these asks to awkwardmetalrp.tumblr.com/ask please!))

do you have skeletons in your closets?



I’m totally the real Sonic, what’re you talking about


This is exactly what I needed this morning thanks xD


This is exactly what I needed this morning thanks xD